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Essays in American Studies. Cross-cultural Perspectives
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Essays in American Studies. Cross-cultural Perspectives

Цена: 5.20лв.
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Автор: колектив

Edited by Madeleine Danova

(на английски език)

ISBN 954-90728-6-X

2001, 192 с.

Корица: мека

This is the second book in the American Studies Series that has gathered the work of various academics from the field of American Studies who have been connected in one or another way to Bulgaria. This has given the specific focus of most of the essays, namely the cross-cultural approach to important issues from the fields of literary and cultural studies, historiography, political science and translation and reception theory. The essays look at such contested notions of today as race, ethnicity, national identity, multiculturalism, postcolonialism, gender, ideology, crisis-resolution and electoral practices. The cross-cultural perspective helps to overcome the rigid boundaries of the separate academic fields in search of the productive interdisciplinary overlappings within the humanities.

The collection will be of interest both to researchers and students from various disciplines and especially to those interested in the rapidly growing American Studies field. It can be used by university teachers and students alike to enrich their discussions in American and Bulgarian literature and culture, political science and history classes.

CONTRIBUTORS: Vitana Kostadinova, Betty Grinberg, Milena Katsarska, Madeleine Danova, Sneja Gunew, Alexandra Glavanakova, Kornelia Slavova, James Deutsch, Vernon L. Pedersen, Kostadin Grozev, Nadia Boyadjieva


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