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Essays in American Studies: Postmodern Perspectives
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Essays in American Studies: Postmodern Perspectives

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Edited by Kornelia Slavova

(на английски език)

ISBN 954-91011-8-5

2003, 160 с.

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Has postmodernism already turned démodé? The book Essays in American Studies: Postmodern Perspectives (the fifth in the American Studies Series) addresses this vexed question as well as many other points of contention among postmodern scholars such as the representation of history and reality, the construction of self and subjectivity, the cannibalization' of texts and genres, the power of logos as a driving force in postmodern writing, as well as the role of queer theory and cybertextuality in providing new models for interpretation.

The contributors come from different cultural backgrounds and they view American culture/ literature from both 'inside' and 'outside,' they speak in distinct critical voices, and have chosen different literary material for analysis (such as the works of Don DeLillo, Thomas Pynchon, Paul Auster, Kathy Acker, Paula Vogel, Tony Kushner, Linda Hogan, Henry James, and others). Yet all the essays deal with various forms of postmodern subversions – i.e. subversions both deriving from and targeted at postmodernism.

The book will provide new insights and excitement for the readers of American literature in Bulgaria, as well as new perspectives upon the complexity of postmodern literary and cultural texts.

CONTRIBUTORS: Allen Thiher, Yonka Krasteva, Madeleine Danova, Steven G. Kellman, Ralitsa Muharska, Svetlana Mintcheva, Dimitar Kambourov, Kornelia Slavova, Kornelia Tancheva, Susan E. Gunter, Alexandra Glavanakova-Yaneva


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