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Intercultural Communication
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Intercultural Communication

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Proceedings of the International Conference of the Bulgarian American Studies Association and the Bulgarian Society for British Studies, Plovdiv 2006

Автор: Колектив

Съставители: Мадлен Данова, Милена Кацарска

ISBN 978-954-796-030-5

2009, 520 с.

Корица: мека


Most of the papers collected in this volume were presented at the International Conference “(Inter)Cultural Communication” which was held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria at the end of 2006 and was hosted by the English Department at Plovdiv University. The conference gathered the members of the Bulgarian Society for British Studies and the Bulgarian American Studies Association as well as Fulbright lecturers residing in Bulgaria at that time, and scholars from Romania, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, UK and Canada. The diversity of the papers collected here reflects the diversity of the scholarly approaches that intercultural and cross-cultural research presupposes. Taken together, the essays in this volume can be viewed as a manifestation of the complexity of issues arising from considering cultures, societies and identities in the process of communication. Very broadly the papers have been grouped in three large sections: “Intercultural Communication and Linguistics”, “Intercultural Communication and Literature”, and “Intercultural Communication, Culture and Education”.


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