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VOICES OF THEIR OWN   Oral History Interviews of Women
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VOICES OF THEIR OWN Oral History Interviews of Women

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Edited by Krassimira Daskalova

ISBN 954-796-008-3

2004, 208 с.

Корица: мека


The “women’s voices” that are “talking history” in this book belong to Bulgarian, Turkish, Roma, Armenian, and Jewish women with their respective Christian Orthodox, Muslim, Armenian-Gregorian and Jewish religious affiliation. The interviewees have various professional backgrounds: teachers, journalists, writers, actresses, dentists, medical doctors, clerks, workers, etc. Their life stories and collective memories represent different generations of women (mothers and daughters) and showthe role of the family institution for the reproduction of life-stylestereotypes and attitudes (“habitus”). Depending on class, ethnicity, religion, education, age, profession, living conditions, the interviewed women define their own situation in the spectrum between emancipation and total subordination to patriarchal norms, values and virtues…


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